So basically, product testing compiles information on how to improve your product or service and helps you understand the actual market performance of your products while market research provides feedback on how to improve your marketing strategy not just your product.
By using both product testing and market research together chances that you would deliver a good product or service and also develop a go-to market strategy are high.
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The determining factor for whether a product will be successful or not can take on several methods. Whichever method is used, the target remains the same: Get feedbacks and understand the performance of a product.
Product testing entails looking at the performance of a product by gaining feedback from consumers. There are several methods that helps in product testing. Beta testing is one of the methods that is used, most especially by the technology industry as it seeks to
• Identify problems or threats to product’s usability outside the product development process
• Refine and improve a product before the product’s final delivery
• Gain consumers feedback that can be used to support initial marketing strategies.
Although product testing should always be used before launching a product, market research is very important. It involves evaluating the feasibility of whatever product or service you are going to offer; identifying the problems that would likely occur after product development. For market research, the aim is to answer questions such as:
• What is the demand for my product or service?
• Who are my target customers? What do my customers think of product/service vs other products/services in the same line?
• What are the projected sales figures within a market for my product or service?
• Where and how can customers buy my product or service, so I can get effective distribution and marketing channels?
• What is the most ideal price for my product or service?
• Who are my competitors? How can I offer a better quality than theirs?
• Which sales, advertising, display, and promotion method(s) are most effective?


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