Did you know that with proper networking your business can go from 0-100? Networking plays an important role in the growth of our businesses. The bigger the network you make, the higher the possibilities of you getting leads through recommendations.

Here are a few tips to help you through your networking process:

Help Others

This might sound tricky, but yes, one of the best ways to boost your network is to help others with theirs too. Helping someone with their network might just as well connect you to the network you need from them.

Attend Social Events

Another way to expand your network is by attending events in your industry, start up events or even just casual events. Through this you might just get to meet people that share the same ideas with you, share contacts and connect. So look up that next event, dress well and be prepared to sell yourself!

Follow Up

This is another important factor that a lot of people tend to neglect. After attending that event and exchanging contacts, it is necessary for you to follow up. Sending an email or just a simple message like; ‘Hi (introducing yourself) we met at the book club event last night. It was a pleasure connecting with you’. Explain what you are into in details and your intentions on working together. This continues the conversation and you can also get to fix another meet up.

Use LinkedIn or Other Social Networks

 LinkedIn is one of the leading social networking sites which helps put out your resume and also build your professional network. You can participate in group discussions that not only increases your visibility but also shows your expertise. All you need is to create a good profile that looks interesting.

Don’t be scared to request for connects

Meeting just one person can lead you to knowing over ten people so don’t be shy to ask your network to connect you to people relevant in your business to expand better. Be willing to also do the same for them also when the need be.

Join Groups

You can join business organizations relating to your field or professional associations. Networking is one of the aims of these groups as they have a wide network. Not just joining alone but participating and volunteering within these groups is a good way to make lots of connections quickly.

Networking might seem too overwhelming but try as much as possible to keep the right network. Go all out; be ready to interact and listen to people. Most importantly make the meeting count!

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