By now you have your product/service idea already, you know what it can do. But, do you know who your prospect customers are? Does your product/service satisfy the needs of your customers?

Understanding your target audience and knowing what they want is a very integral part of building and promoting your business.

The only key to solving this problem is Market Research. In this post, we’d be talking about the purpose of conducting a good market research and how you can go about it.

Why should I conduct a market research?

Market research is mostly used to get more information about your business, your competitors, your target market and how to utilize all to the benefit of your business.

You need to know where your product/service stands in the market, study and understand the strategy of your competitors; knowing their price, offers and what attracts customers to their products/services.

There are some important sources for marketing research, the types of sources you use can make a difference in the quality or reliability of the information.

First, primary source which comes from talking to people directly using focus groups or survey responses. These sources are very helpful because you’re getting important information from people directly. The only issue with primary sources is that it may provide a more isolated look if not done well. Except some customers will be willing to fill out a survey or if your focus group is too small, you wouldn’t be able to get enough data.

Secondary sources refer to already made data that is accessible on platforms online, reports and many more. It can sometimes provide more information and is easily accessible.

When conducting market research, try to use both primary and secondary research. You can send out surveys to your customers and try to get feedback while also taking advantage of all the data available to you. Primary research helps you to get the most details as possible and the secondary research can help you figure out what you’re missing and fill in any of the information gaps. This would help you get enough data as quickly as possible.

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