Many people earn money online without having to do too much work and one of such means
is becoming an affiliate marketer.
Have you ever heard the word affiliate marketing and wonder why it’s trending these days?
Well, this article explains what it entails and why there is so much buzz about it.
It is known as performance-based marketing in the sense that the affiliate marketer has to
induce a customer to do something before the affiliate marketer gets paid.
Affiliate marketing is a system whereby a vendor outsources its product to prospective
people or partners across a network to generate traffic to the vendor’s website so people can
see the products the vendor has for sale.
The customer in some cases does not have to purchase the product or services from the
company; it is enough if traffic is generated to the company’s website.
It involves three people; the Company producing or selling the product, the Affiliate, and the
The affiliate partner is compensated for promoting the company’s product and generating
sales. This simply means X gives Y products to market for him. Y can be an influencer, a
blog writer, or a marketer and Yearns compensation if customers visit X’s website or buy his
Affiliate marketing takes different forms such as influencing products, featuring the
company’s products or services on your blog, Search Engine Marketing, Paid online
advertising (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube), Email Marketing, and Leveraging professional
and personal networks.
Affiliate marketers do not work for only one company in most cases as they promote different
verified products.

Moving on to how affiliate marketers get paid,
Affiliate marketers are paid in different ways and these include, pay per sale, pay per lead
and pay per click. Affiliate marketers just have to put the link to the company’s website on
any of their platforms so the customers can access it and the company can track the
customers or those who visit the website back to the affiliate marketer.
The good thing about this kind of marketing is that products can be accessed at any time of
the day and customers do not have to worry about the quality and standard of the products
listed because the affiliate marketer would have tested or verified their originality.
Collaborating with an affiliate marketer increases revenue, boosts the company’s reputation
and is low risk. The more a customer can view and engage with a company, the more it
increases sales due to the visits.
Affiliate marketers provide new marketing strategies that you can learn from to meet your
audience’s needs better.

Affiliate marketing is important to businesses which is why many companies use this formula
in increasing their brand awareness. There are different affiliate networks you can choose
from and one of them is Coactng. Coactng helps you in listing your products and services
and this is not only what they offer as you also have access to people who you can partner
with to market your products.
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