Finding a co-founder and working effectively with one are two distinct matters.
Most times, many people delve into partnering with another to start a business
without asking certain important questions and making observations.
These questions range from the location, equity to be shared, work values, and
If these questions are not asked, it could lead to confusion and in most cases conflict in the future.

This article has compiled important questions you would need to ask a potential
co-founder and they include;
•Why do you want to start a company? ( It’s important to know why they want to
partner with you in starting a business.)
•What motivates you? ( Apart from the incentive, you should know what the person’s
major driving force is)
•How do you deal with stress and big challenges? It’s normal to get stressed when
building a startup but the question is how well does the person handle it?
•Where do you want the business to be located?
• How will the person manage their time if they have other personal commitments?
•What values does the person want to instill in your prospective employees?

•What would they change in the previous companies you have worked for if they
were to be the founder?
•Why do you want to be co-founders?
•How will decisions get made? Can one person outvote another?
•What’s the equity split and why? ( It should be finalized and inputted in a legal
•How would the employees get paid?
•Is there anything either party would like to change in the proposed startup?
•Should there be a vesting schedule? What should it be?
•How would you define its ultimate success in this startup? Would sell the startup for a huge amount of money?
•What do you think is the biggest risk in this startup?

These questions should be asked before the final stage. Each person should submit
their respective answers and they should talk about any misunderstanding and
It is better to find the right partner than waking up, regretting the decision you both
made, or not being satisfied with the other person’s actions.
Building a startup and finding a reliable partner requires a lot of patience.
Hope this article guides you through and do not forget to always put any agreement
into a legal document!!


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