A platform dedicated to helping small businesses?? We love to see it!!!
Registering or having a corporate account as a micro business in Nigeria is not an easy task as there are many procedures involved in it which could be frustrating and time wasting.
To reduce this problem, a startup named getprospa which is concerned with helping Nigerian businesses have corporate business accounts and other tools to grow their business was conceived. It was founded by Frederick Obasi, Chioma Ugo and Rodney Jackson-Cole.

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This platform helps business owners run their operations with little to no
hurdles. With your Prospa dashboard, you may register a bank account for your company (corporate account), make invoices, create sub-accounts for other people, add team members to handle your funds, send and receive money, and much more.
This startup’s mission is to build a platform for entrepreneurs which manages
everything finance-related.

Mercury Founder/CEO, Immad Akhund said “The Prospa team has developed a stellar product serving the needs of Nigeria’s entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the Nigerian economy and I am excited to support them through this investment in Prospa.”

Image credit: getprospa

Registered accounts have full access to the platform with their unique account numbers. Income from micro businesses form 48% of the country’s GDP in the last five years and this is why adequate support and ease for carrying out a business is needed. To get started, click the link below to learn more;



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