Every year we see different startups emerging; startups aiming to solve different problems and provide different services. Most startups are supported by accelerator programs and one of such initiative is the Google for Startups Accelerator Africa which provides equity free finance, training, and other benefits which includes access to expert advisors and much more.

Image credit: Google

On the 6th of October, a virtual Google Africa event took place with Google announcing its plans to invest in startups located in Africa through the launch of a 50 million dollar investment fund. However, this investment is equity based and is considered different from Google’s investment approach over the last few years.

Tech Cabal reports that the new fund is part of a larger $1 billion that Google plans to invest in transforming Africa’s digital industry over a five year period. This investment aims to empower African startups, entrepreneurs, and women across Africa.

With the help of these kind of accelerator programs, we hope to see the emergence of more startups and less unemployment rate in the future.



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