Venture Capital is a form of financing that provides funds to startups with high growth potential. They come from investment banks, financial institutions and reliable investors. Venture capital is recommended for startups that are in a growing market and have a team.

There are different venture capitals in Nigeria and some are

1.TLcom Capital: This venture has shown support to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Some of the businesses they have supported include Kobo, Andela and more.

2. Venture Platform: Ventures Platform is a seed-stage focused venture capital firm and accelerator. They invest in tech companies in sectors like FinTech, Online Retail, AgriTech and Consumer Tech located in Africa. Notable investments include Jalo, Kangpe, PayStack, myPadi.

3. FirstCheck Africa: It is female-focused angel and aims to make it easier for African women in tech to raise capital by writing first checks and creating pathways for African women to invest in technology startups.

4. Microtraction: This venture firm supports startups that have potential growth and are technology-driven. Their portfolio includes businesses like Cowrywise, Buycoins and more.

5. Growth Capital Fund: They support high potential startups and it is the first Nigerian social innovation fund. They have supported businesses like Taeilo, LifeBank and more.

6. Venture Platform: It provides capital, capacity building, support, and advocacy entrepreneurs, communities, and institutions in Africa. Startups in their portfolio includes piggvest, Rise vest, Trove finance and more.

7. Echo VC: This is a technology-focused early-stage Venture capital focused on investing in women, underrepresented founders majorly in Africa, and supporting reasonable business models. Startups in their portfolio include Lifebank, Lori,, and more.

8. Chrysalis Capital: Chrysalis aims to invest in startups proferring solutions in the agriculture, renewable energy, security, health education, and fintech sectors. It has four startups in their portfolio and they include; Bankly, Heliium Health, Raise, and Bamboo.

9. Ingressive Capital: The firm looks out for startups based in Sub-Saharan Africa or Egypt with clear business model AND funding of up to $400,000 at pre-seed and seed –stage startups for a 10% equity. Startups in their portfolio includes 54gene, Tizeti, Kwaba and more.

10. Spark Capital: The venture firm provides early-stage funding for startups with scalable revenue models and aims to build businesses. Companies in their portfolio includes Propertypro, Paystack, Medsaf and more.


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