affilBase is on a mission to build the largest sales and distribution network in Nigeria. “We’re building a product to bridge the gap between digital and offline marketing, combining them to reach more consumers. We’re giving business the ability to effectively set up a digital and offline sales network, track their highest converting channels, monitor their sales performance and get real time field feedback on their products.”

Imagine every time you run an instagram advert and reach 10000 consumers, instagram goes around and knocks on the door of each 10000 consumer you reach to have a one on one conversation about your product, how many consumers do you think you’d get? That’s what affilBase offers, whether the consumer has seen or heard your advert before, they’ll bring it to their reach through direct marketing, their agents will knock on your customer’s door, call them, send emails, messages or social media to ensure that they know about your brand and increase conversions, and if they don’t buy, you’d know why.

They help businesses in various sectors ranging from automobile, finance, service providers, technology, and more. affilBase helps businesses increase their customer reach and generate revenue by serving as a middleman connecting various businesses to affiliate partners or sales partners all across Nigeria.

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They’re building a network of mobile, digital and fixed agents to help businesses with direct sales, affiliate marketing, lead generation, partner marketing, referral marketing, and telemarketing and also provide various tools and support to deliver better performance results.

Shop owners do not have to increase their operating expenses as they can increase traffic with brand partnerships and services affilBase has to offer. Agents are also not left out as they have access to partner with brands across a range of industries listed on the affilBase portfolios and agencies can create affiliate programs for their clients on the platform.

Tonye the CEO of The Car Company Ltd started in his review that “affilBase has played a major role in driving my sales; it helps me get a steady inflow of leads and customers.”

Whether you are looking to generate traffic or leads for your business, affilBase is your go-to platform.
Visit to learn more and start scaling your business today.


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