With the uprising of neobanks, many customers are leaving traditional banks because of the cheaper and standard of services they offer.

These neobanks do not only offer services to individuals but also offer personalized services to small and medium enterprises. One of such neobank is Sparkle bank with their aim of being able to provide financial, lifestyle and business support services to customers.

It has different features and they include savings, bill payments, requesting and receiving money, expenditure breakdown and more.

Sparkle went a step further in supporting customers by introducing services and tools for small and medium businesses. These category of users have access to inventory, invoice management, payroll and personal administrative services, all of which can be accessed by registering as a business with a tax identification number and email address.

What makes Sparkle unique from other neobanks is the provision of banking services to individuals and businesses, all on a single platform, it’s your bank and your business management platform in one.

To learn more about this platform, visit; https://sparkle.ng/


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