Partnerships between companies can serve as a great source of income to both companies and quality service to consumers.
On October 12, 2020, in the UAE, Mastercard and Amazon announced that they are partnering with each other to offer consumers access to value-added benefits, online savings, and a better shopping experience. Almost every transaction is done online and this has caused a shift in consumer needs to e-commerce because of the convenience and variety it offers. This partnership was made to create the right and secure environment for customers who shop online. By enabling shoppers to shop from an e-commerce marketplace that offers quality value, it will strengthen the digital transformation journey in a world that is changing the way consumers interact with products, services and brands.

The relevant banks will provide qualifying cardholders with access to the redemption link, which will enable them to activate the benefit. The benefits include shopping benefits and exclusive deals, including Free and Fast Delivery with One-Day Delivery on Prime products. Mastercard is committed to the security of consumers and merchants through the use of its advanced tokenization technology, as consumers shop online they are safe. Months before this collaboration, around June, Amazon started using Mastercard tokens for transactions to provide a seamless online shopping experience for their consumers.

This collaboration would go a long way by not only protecting online shoppers but also creating a stress free experience for them.


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