In 2019, Cregital, a Lagos-based creative design agency, launched Disha, a no-code mobile application that gave users the tools with which to build their one-page websites from the comfort of their smartphones to promote their business, without worrying about technicalities such as coding.
Over the years, Disha reported immense growth, a 100% month-on-month increase, and over 20,000 users worldwide. Sadly, it announced a shutdown in February, owing to a reduction of resources to fund the platform’s vision. This is not happening anymore as Flutterwave has admitted Disha into its family.
Flutterwave announced that it had bought Disha to help achieve its vision of helping creators or entrepreneurs get simplified tools that can help them earn with their craft. However, Flutterwave intends to keep Disha as an independent product but new features that will help creators share, showcase, and sell their work would be introduced.

Image source:Flutterwave

Flutterwave has started taking steps by advancing Disha’s checkout process, and now, users of the platform can make transactions in over 150 currencies from 34 countries. This would enable users to make, receive and withdraw money from their Disha account


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