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Find a co-founder or key early team members to help you bring your vision to life or grow your business

“Individuals don’t build great companies, teams do”

Find A Co-Founder

Find a co-founder to share your vision, burden and growth. Connect with just the right partner you need

Find Key Team Members

Find key early team members that'll grow with you. Offer basic pay, revenue share, equity or a hybrid compensation model

Hire Experts

Hire a Coactng expert to help you with everything from product development, business plans, website design to SEO


Compensation Models

Post jobs with your preferred compensation model, find an employee, partner or a co-owner. You choose!

Basic Salary

Offer basic monthly salaries as compensation


Find partners, offer equity options as compensation

Revenue Share

Offer revenue sharing optioin as compensation


Offer a range of compensation models to build your dream team

How It Works

Collaborate in three simple steps

List Job

List your requirements, job details and your team vision

Find The Right Fit

Connect with a match based on your required skills, business stage, experience, location and industry


Agree on the details, sign SLAs, contracts and any required documentation to protect your interest


Let’s Build Your Team. We’ll Set Up Your Team For You While You Focus On Your Core Business

…+ you get access to partnerships, sales services, marketing, technology and more to help you build or grow your business

Build Your Team

List your job to get matched with suitable team members

Want To Join The Next Unicorn?

Are you looking for a job or a startup to join? Explore available opportunities listed by founders and key decision makers

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