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Flutterwave X Disha

In 2019, Cregital, a Lagos-based creative design agency, launched Disha, a no-code mobile application that gave users the tools with which to build their one-page websites from the comfort of their smartphones to promote their business, without worrying about technicalities such as coding.Over the years, Disha reported immense growth, a 100% month-on-month increase, and over […]

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Business Feature

Business feature- Sparkle

With the uprising of neobanks, many customers are leaving traditional banks because of the cheaper and standard of services they offer. These neobanks do not only offer services to individuals but also offer personalized services to small and medium enterprises. One of such neobank is Sparkle bank with their aim of being able to provide […]

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Business Feature Marketing startups

Business Feature-affilBase

affilBase is on a mission to build the largest sales and distribution network in Nigeria. “We’re building a product to bridge the gap between digital and offline marketing, combining them to reach more consumers. We’re giving business the ability to effectively set up a digital and offline sales network, track their highest converting channels, monitor […]

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