Coactng Think Tank and Coactng Founders Network


The Coactng Think Tank and Coactng Founders Network program is designed to provide a unique and enriching experience for co-founder candidates and startups within the Coactng ecosystem. This program is founded on the principles of collaboration, innovation, and networking. Its primary objectives are:

  1. To Facilitate Networking: Create a dynamic platform for co-founder candidates to connect with each other, experienced entrepreneurs, and Coactng portfolio startups.

  2. To Foster Innovation: Encourage ideation, problem-solving, and the creation of new startups or solutions through collaborative projects.

  3. To Ensure Successful Matches: Allow co-founder candidates to explore multiple startup opportunities before making a final decision, ensuring the best fit for both parties.

  4. To Protect Intellectual Property: Implement policies and agreements to safeguard the intellectual property rights of all participants.

  5. To Promote Learning: Offer mentorship, guidance, and learning opportunities through interactions with successful entrepreneurs and seasoned advisors.

Application and Selection

Application Phase

  1. Application Submission: Co-founder candidates interested in the Coactng Think Tank program will submit their applications, including resumes, preferences for startup roles, and their areas of expertise.

  2. Initial Screening: Applications are reviewed to ensure they meet basic qualifications and alignment with Coactng’s values.

Selection Phase

  1. Group Formation: Candidates who pass the initial screening are grouped into clusters based on their skills, interests, and compatibility.

  2. Cluster Introduction: Each cluster is introduced to potential co-founder opportunities within Coactng’s portfolio of startups. Candidates are encouraged to explore and understand the diverse range of startups available.

  3. Selection: Candidates may choose to either:

    • Join a specific Coactng portfolio startup as a co-founder.
    • Join the Coactng Think Tank as a Think Tank Fellow.
    • Opt for an alternative path to becoming a startup founder, such as working as a Founder’s Associate or Venture Builder.


Coactng Think Tank Experience

Think Tank Fellow Program

  1. Think Tank Fellow Selection: Think Tank Fellows are selected based on their potential to contribute to innovative solutions, their ability to collaborate, and their passion for entrepreneurship.
  2. Group Exercises: Think Tank Fellows participate in group exercises, collaborative projects, and brainstorming sessions to foster innovation, teamwork, and bonding.

  3. Mentorship: Think Tank Fellows receive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and advisors, gaining valuable insights into startup development and growth.

  4. Networking Events: Exclusive networking events and opportunities are provided for Think Tank Fellows to connect with successful founders and industry experts.

  5. Intellectual Property Protection: All participants in the Think Tank program are required to sign agreements to protect intellectual property rights and maintain confidentiality.

Transition Opportunities

  1. Startup Selection: Think Tank Fellows have the option to transition into a co-founder role within a Coactng portfolio startup at any time during the program.
  2. Founder’s Associate or Venture Builder: Candidates interested in creating new startups or assisting existing ones can remain in the Think Tank program as a Founder’s Associate or Venture Builder.

Evaluation and Success Rate

  1. Regular Evaluation: Continuous assessment of Think Tank Fellows’ contributions, progress, and alignment with Coactng’s values ensures a high standard of participation.
  2. Success Rate: Coactng is committed to achieving a 90% success rate, where the majority of participants successfully transition into roles within startups or other entrepreneurial ventures.

Intellectual Property Protection

  1. Confidentiality Agreement: All participants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect intellectual property and sensitive information shared during the program.
  2. Ownership and Licensing: Intellectual property created during the program is owned by the individual or startup responsible for its creation. Licensing agreements may be established when applicable.


The Coactng Think Tank and Coactng Founders Network program aim to provide co-founder candidates with a rich, collaborative, and innovative experience while ensuring the protection of intellectual property and fostering successful matches within the startup ecosystem. By following these guidelines and principles, we aim to create an environment where entrepreneurship thrives, connections are forged, and ideas are transformed into reality.

Please note that the detailed policies, agreements, and specific activities will be provided to participants upon acceptance into the program.

Coactng Think Tank Program: Founders Selection (4 Weeks)

Week 1: Orientation and Team Formation

Week 1 – Day 1: Program Kickoff

  • Welcome session introducing participants to the program and its objectives.
  • Overview of the program structure, expectations, and key milestones.
  • Introduction to program mentors, advisors, and Coactng team members.

Week 1 – Days 2-4: Team Building and Matching

  • Ice-breaking activities to help participants get to know each other.
  • Formation of smaller working groups or “think teams” based on common interests and goals.
  • Initial exploration of potential startup ideas and concepts.

Week 2: Ideation and Concept Development

Week 2 – Days 1-2: Ideation Workshops

  • Workshops on ideation techniques, problem identification, and market analysis.
  • Brainstorming sessions within think teams to generate startup concepts.

Week 2 – Days 3-4: Concept Development

  • Refinement of startup concepts, defining value propositions, and target audiences.
  • Initial market research to validate concepts and identify potential challenges.

Week 3: MVP Development and Pitch Preparation

Week 3 – Days 1-2: MVP Development

  • Introduction to minimum viable product (MVP) development principles.
  • Hands-on work on creating MVP prototypes or proofs of concept.

Week 3 – Days 3-4: Pitch Preparation

  • Pitch training and practice sessions.
  • Feedback from mentors and peers to refine pitches.

Week 4: Demo Day and Startup Matching

Week 4 – Days 1-2: Demo Day Preparation

  • Final pitch preparations for Demo Day.
  • Presentation rehearsals and refining pitch decks.

Week 4 – Days 3-4: Demo Day Event and Matching

  • Virtual or in-person Demo Day event where participants pitch their startup concepts.
  • Panel of judges, potential investors, and the Coactng community provide feedback and ask questions.
  • Participants have the opportunity to match with Coactng portfolio startups or continue as founders within their think teams.

Week 4 – Day 5: Graduation and Next Steps

  • Graduation ceremony and recognition of participants’ achievements.
  • Transition options for participants:
    • Join a Coactng portfolio startup.
    • Continue developing their startup within Coactng.
    • Explore other entrepreneurial opportunities within the Coactng ecosystem.

Post-Program Support

Post-Program Support:

  • Ongoing access to Coactng’s network, resources, and mentorship.
  • Alumni network for continued collaboration and support.
  • Assistance in transitioning to chosen roles or ventures.

The Coactng Think Tank Program for Founders Selection condenses the key activities and learning experiences into a 4-week intensive program. It emphasizes ideation, concept development, MVP creation, and pitch preparation, culminating in a Demo Day where participants have the opportunity to match with startups or continue their entrepreneurial journey.