Coactng Cohorts

Join Forces in our Cohort System to Explore,
Ideate, and Build

Coactng Cohorts are carefully curated teams that come together for a dedicated period, typically a quarter, to collaborate on innovative ideas and transform them into tangible, scalable products.

Connect, Network, Create

At Coactng, we believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking innovation and driving the success of startups. Our cohort system is designed to bring together visionary entrepreneurs, talents, and advisors to explore ideas, build products, and create groundbreaking ventures. Joining a cohort at Coactng provides you with a unique opportunity to collaborate, learn, and make a significant impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

What are Cohorts?

Cohorts at Coactng are dynamic teams formed every quarter, comprising entrepreneurs with diverse skills, expertise, and backgrounds. Each cohort is focused on a specific theme, industry, or problem space, providing a fertile ground for ideation and product development. By participating in a cohort, you’ll have the chance to work closely with like-minded individuals, exchange knowledge, and leverage collective expertise to bring your startup idea to life.

How Cohorts Work

Cohorts at Coactng are dynamic teams formed every quarter, comprising entrepreneurs with diverse skills, expertise, and backgrounds.

Application and Selection

To join a cohort, interested entrepreneurs must fill out a detailed application form. Our team carefully reviews each application to ensure a diverse and complementary mix of talents within the cohort.

Product Development

Cohort members work as a team to develop minimum viable products (MVPs) or prototypes. This phase allows for hands-on experience in creating scalable solutions.

Collaboration and Ideation

Once selected, cohort members come together to collaborate on their startup ideas. This stage involves brainstorming, validating concepts, and refining business models.

Mentoring and Support

Throughout the cohort journey, experienced advisors and mentors provide guidance and support to entrepreneurs, helping them navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Demo Day

At the end of the cohort period, participants showcase their progress and achievements during a demo day. This event presents an excellent opportunity to attract potential investors, partners, and customers.

Why Join a Cohort at Coactng?

Here are some reasons you
should join a Coact Cohort

Collaboration: Cohorts are a perfect platform to collaborate with talented individuals, forming a well-rounded team that can tackle complex challenges.

Networking: Cohorts facilitate meaningful connections with mentors, advisors, investors, and potential co-founders who can play a pivotal role in your startup's journey.

Learning and Growth: Engaging in a cohort provides valuable learning experiences, feedback, and insights from industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs.

Supportive Community: You become part of a supportive and dynamic community that shares your passion for entrepreneurship and celebrates successes together.

Join the Next Cohort

Are you ready to take your startup idea to the next level? Join the next cohort at Coactng and embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re looking for co-founders, team members, or expert guidance, the cohort system offers an unparalleled experience.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements about upcoming cohorts. Don’t miss the chance to be part of a community that embraces innovation, fosters collaboration, and empowers entrepreneurs to thrive.