Compensation Model: Equity Offering
Equity Offer: 3%
Location: Lagos/Enugu
Job Type: Remote
Company Name: Vox Ideal
Contact Email: iamhandel@gmail.com
Contact Phone Number: 08103369861
Business Phase: Existing Business
Industry: Entertainment tech

Vox is a Latin word that means ‘Voice’. We’re called ‘Vox Ideal’ because we represent the Ideal Voice and Image of Entertainment, Showmanship and Technology in the community.
We exist to bring hope, cheer and goodwill into this world through first class entertainment and to merge and partner on the grandest experiential scale possible, technology with entertainment.
Our network is made up of a diverse team of geniuses interspersed with several dedicated professional and technical partners who do nothing but spitball ideas and develop mysterious ways to thrill a human audience.
Vox Ideal’s true north consists in elevating the imaginative collective experience. In succession, a mission which is best understood and internalized by the company as the privilege of ‘taking people to places that they’ve never been before’.
We’re about entertainment on the other side of crazy and don’t waste time telling the time, we build the clock instead.
Our current impelling fulcrums are on Advanced Show Design, Mixed reality, Machine Learning, Holographic technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Nano-technology.

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