Investors Needed

Equity Offer: 15%
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Company Name: iBlog Africa
Company Website:
Contact Phone Number: 08157876511
Business Phase: Development Phase

We are giving people the opportunity to.make money off content like books and materials that can be sold online , secondly we give writers the opportunity to auction their contend and also a platform for where they can receive solution .

Business Model:

We have three main methods of monetization . Will discuss I person .

Investment Ask: $5M

We are a small team of 2 people ,
2 founders
Daniel – (frontend developer)
Rehoboth – backend Developer


We are still in beta mode , but we officially launch on the 26th of October 2021.


In this pass couple of months , we have writers whose channels have up to 2k views , we have 200 users during this stage of our development.

Industry: Social media and Technology

We are a social platform , that help sell value to our customer and the users customers

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